Midsummer Mistletoe

Posted: Aug 31 2014

Slowly watching the sun slip into the horizon brings home the reality that summer is coming to a close. With (nearly) all the crops cut the attention draws to the orchards ready for the apple and mistletoe harvest. The coming months are a time of great transformation for the trees. With the trees currently in their summer outfit it is hard to even notice the mistletoe bows in their roofs.

This years mistletoe is looking great, there are lots of big well formed green berries. They will slowly ripen and by November will be a beautiful pearl white colour.

Over the coming months the trees will lose their foliage and their apples. They will be completely bare apart from the odd bunch of mistletoe. This gives us a perfect opportunity to give the trees a health check, this includes managing the amount of mistletoe in the trees.


This is a long time away for the trees now and they prefer to hold on to the last few days of summer rather than dwell on their winter hibernation.