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Sprouting your own Smooches - What you need?

Mistletoe (to be specific Viscum Album) is a hemi parasite - meaning that it will need a host tree to grow on. So if you want to grow some mistletoe first things first you will need to find a host tree.

It is best to have one of its favourite trees - Apple, Lime, Popular or Hawthorn are the most popular ones in the UK - there are however others with the notable example being that of Oak, which holds special sentiment to Druids.

Now you need to get the schedule correct March and April are the optimum months for mistletoe to germinate. So these are the months to get busy planting. To ensure successful germination you must use freshly cut berries.

Mistletoe takes quite some time to establish itself (3-4 years) but thereafter growth is rapid. Planting on a few trees and a few locations is a very good idea. Adding a marker will enable you to check up on the berries to see how germination has been.


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