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Unlike most mistletoe wholesalers we pick and distribute our mistletoe on the same day. This is because we get the mistletoe direct from our own orchards.

This means extra fresh mistletoe at the very best price. Buy Here

See who came to visit our Mistletoe Orchards Last Kissmas 

Who are KissMe Mistletoe

KissMe Bundle Fresh Wholesale Mistletoe

We Are your first stop for Fresh Mistletoe delivered direct to your door. Our Team have been spreading Christmas Romance for over a decade now- and are quite the experts of everything Mistletoe related.

We are first and foremost Organic Farmers - helping to Produce some of the finest Organic Cider the UK has to offer.

One very nice surprise from our Organic Practices is that our Orchards produce the most beautiful bunches of Mistletoe.

To keep our trees healthy our team comes to the orchards and sustainability harvests the mistletoe- ready to be dispatched immediately.

As well as Selling direct online we also run a number of pop up stalls across the UK selling direct, as well as supplying numerous other retail outlets.

From the tree to you Mistletoe direct from the orchards

We are strong promoters of sustainable development, and we ensure a healthy ecosystem for our mistletoe, allowing it to thrive year on year. This does, however, mean that stock is limited so please order now to avoid disappointment.

Tenbury Wells is a picturesque market town on the Herefordshire & Worcestershire border , whose unique holly and mistletoe market has been an annual event for over a hundred years. Today it's the only mistletoe auction market in the UK.

In the run up to Christmas there are a number of Mistletoe events in Tenbury. More information on the events can be found at the Mistletoe Festival Website.

Our Enterprise has been in the media on numerous occasions over the years, including the One Show, Radio 4, Local News and Sarah Raven writing for the Saturday Telegraph.

Mistletoe Harvest