Autumn Mistletoe Update (2018)

Posted: Sep 21 2018

With the end of September looming - this years endless summer feels like it has come to a close and we are now in Autumn's grasp.

The Mistletoe has had a mixed time - the springtime was kind. This is when the mistletoe flower gets fertilised - so the better the spring is the more berries the mistletoe will have in the winter.

However the long dry summer, which turned our normally green and pleasant land into a parched brown has not been great for the mistletoe.

Luckily the rain has come and now the mistletoe is looking much better - with the berries now starting to transform from their summer green into their winter white. 

Hopefully all will be good for Christmas. The Photo is the current mistletoe colour as of September 21st. 

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September Mistletoe