• Wholesale Mistletoe

Wholesale Mistletoe

 Wholesale Mistletoe delivered on a date of your choice - We pick to order and dispatch on the same day to ensure the freshest product. As we supply direct there are no middlemen so you get the best product at the best price.

 The Mistletoe comes straight off the tree so the Mistletoe branches are large - (it keep much fresher this way.) These Mistletoe branches are generally over a foot in length and break down into multiple Sprigs. Each Kg is Approximately 10-12 of our branches. 

Want to make and sell bunches? Try our Mistletoe finishing Kit

Need More? Contact us with your postcode and we will see if our weekly delivery comes near you!

Large Mistletoe Branches
  • 35 Branches (100 Sprigs)
  • 50 Branches (150 Sprigs)
  • 75 Branches (250 Sprigs)
  • 100 Branches (300 Sprigs)
  • 150 Branches (450 Sprigs)
  • 300 Branches (900 Sprigs)
  • 600 Branches (1800 Sprigs)
Include Ribbon
  • No Ribbon
  • Red Ribbon
  • Ivory Ribbon


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