• Wholesale Mistletoe with Finishing Kit

Wholesale Mistletoe with Finishing Kit


Add Value to the Mistletoe by turning it into Beautiful Bunches 

 Wholesale Mistletoe with our infamous Finishing Kit included: Giving you the ingredients to create your own beautiful bunches. (Including tags to attach to the mistletoe, bundles of ribbon and some advice on selling Mistletoe.)

If you are selling on a stall have a look at our Bunch sized Bags (Sold at cost price and cannot be bought without Mistletoe or Holly)

 The Mistletoe comes in branches - these break down into 3+ Mistletoe Sprigs

Why Branches? The mistletoe stays fresher much longer, lasting up to two weeks more than small sprigs. This is because more moisture is retained by the plant

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Large Mistletoe Branches
  • 35 Branches (100 Sprigs)
  • 50 Branches (150 Sprigs)
  • 75 Branches (250 Sprigs)
  • 100 Branches (350 Sprigs)
  • 150 Branches (500 Sprigs)
  • 300 Branches (1000 Sprigs)
  • 450 Branches (1500 Sprigs)
  • 600 Branches (2000 Sprigs)
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